Blame The Wine - Out Now!

Contemporary country singer/songwriter Teigen Gayse’s new single “Blame The Wine” arrives August 6, and the official music video releases in early September.

This popular Metis singer-songwriter’s music is fresh, yet familiar, hitting on deep and relatable topics in a fun, bubbly way. Her unique voice draws you in, and hints of Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, and Maren Morris’s musical stylings. The melodies and lyrics are catchy, and even Gayse’s sweet, raspy voice gets you hook, line and sinker.

Gayse spent many hours penning songs in quarantine last Spring, and shortly thereafter was introduced to Prohibition Rosé wine from Farmhouse Vineyards in the High Plains of Texas Hill Country, which is also where she filmed her official music video for “Don’t Look Back”. She wrote her first draft of “Blame The Wine” after that fateful introduction, laughing at the crazy things wine makes people do.

After returning to Canada, from Dripping Springs, Texas, where Gayse recorded her self-titled debut album, she re-wrote “Blame The Wine” with her producer, Jeff Johnson. They tell a story of how lots can go right or wrong when tipping a bottle of Rosé or two. Who hasn’t blamed the wine for some silly-done-wrong thing now and then? The song is sassy, flirty, upbeat and destined to be a popular wine anthem… with wine-lovers everywhere toasting the song and its undeniable truth. The chorus brings it all home:

You can blame that Rosé…all day

You can blame the last call…Cabernet

We all got reasons for bringing out the wild side (ain’t that right)

You can drink a heartache goodbye

If you need a late-night alibi

Sippin’ excuses one glass at a time

You can blame the wine…every time

Gayse has been performing for years, and loves creating music that inspires and lifts up others. This is the second song Gayse released in 2021, following her billboard-charting hit “I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love Anymore”. Gayse is excited about some collaborations with other well-known Nashville singer/songwriters, and has some other songs fans are asking her to record, so it sounds like quite a few more gems are on their way.

When asked how she feels about this most recent production, Gayse excitedly confessed, “I’m so excited for this song, and what we created this time round…and can’t wait to share it with everyone! I’ve performed ‘Blame The Wine’ at The Vibrant Vine Winery recently, and the crowd asked for an encore of ‘Blame The Wine’. That made me so happy and it was so much fun!”.

Teigen lives in the wine country of Canada, the sunny Okanagan Valley, and is playing at various wineries and venues all summer long (see dates here), and can’t wait for wine-loving fans and others to hear “Blame The Wine”. It’s the perfect fun-in-the-sun, summer wine-drinking song. She’s even launching some “Blame The Wine” wine with the release of the song. So, words to the wise…if you’re stepping out on the town, and planning to imbibe some libations, just make sure you put the dog in, don’t text your ex, avoid tattoo parlours, and don’t leave your ID at the bar…but if it happens, you can always blame the wine!

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