Kelowna country singer releases single to help mend a broken heart - Global News

Calling on those with broken hearts, Kelowna musician Teigen Gayse has a song to make break-ups a little less lonely.

Gayse has released the single, I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love Anymore, sharing her own break-up story in hopes of helping others.

“I just want [listeners] to feel like they aren’t the only ones out there feeling that way when they are feeling alone and hopefully I can help them a little bit or shed some light,” said Gayse.

The melody helps stitch back together a broken heart while lifting listeners up and giving them the strength to move on and move forward.

“I wrote that song about six months after a break up I went through and it took me six months to write anything at all because I had to overcome that pain because I was struggling,” said Gayse.

“It was a relief when I wrote that song.”

The lyrics are filled with meaning for Gayse.

“The second verse to the song, ‘The snow is gone and so is he, it feels nice like I can finally breathe,’ that cuts deep and it was so true. I just remember springtime happening [when she wrote the song], the snow was gone and I just felt a breath of fresh air,” she said.

Gayse hasn’t let the pandemic slow her down, she’s been in the studio working on new music fresh off releasing her debut album last summer.